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Energy Vastu

Pyrmid Energy Vastu

The vastu technology is nothing but the old science of raising building structures in tune with nature by our ancestors. It speaks of the structural measurements like width, length, height-i.e. But the buildings with these features provide energy and vastu strength only to the extent of 25% to 30%. In order to achieve the target of 100% of vastu, the present day scientific energy vastu provides energy circuits to the building.

Energy Vastu

Secret of pyramid

The pyramids in Egypt were built inclined at 52" with the technology of high mathematical calculation and astronomy. its special type of construction is such that it receives cosmic energy from the space and magnetic energy from the earth. These energies are converted into nanowaves in the pyramids. The German scientist 'Patric Flanagan' affirms that it is equal to bio-cosmic energy. The very shape of the pyramid serves as an instrument to produce this energy. The pyramids we make and supply, though proportionally smaller in size, do converge the above energies inside the pyramids.The energies of such pyramids may be used

  • To cure the disease.
  • To convert the water into medicine.
  • To get peace of mind.
  • To keep our surroundings spic and span.
  • To increase the vastu of buildings.

Most countries and multi-national companies are become millenaire they are using pyramid shape in their logo. For Example America they used their dollar note with shape of pyramid.World Famous Sony and D.L.F are using Pyramid as their company logo.

The world popular scientist Karl Marx, Albert Einstein and n number of noble scentist in the world from Israel, because of Israel used their national flag with (Hexagonal) Pyramid

Today English is common speak language amoung various countries, most of people giving interest to speak English language and pay attention to those who speak English? Many of you wandering? Why English become popular Language among the various language? This is because they use pyramid shape letter in their Alphabets ( Ex: A K N M W Y R V X Z... )

In Yoga padmasana Position our body receives more energy, because of padmasana similar to pyramid shape.

Energy vastu by Pyramid

Our residential buildings are of square or rectangular shape occupying certain area which connects both the space and the earth. This results in the formation of energy waves. We shall know of them in detail.

Pyramid Shape Used By Various Contries

American Dollar

Israel Flag

Padmasana in Yoga

DLF Company Logo